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We have like millions habits and yet we don’t really pay attention whether they are beneficial, harmful, or fun…or whatever they are. Most of the times however harmful habits have the greatest share. On the other hand, there are dozens of seemingly basic and simple habits, which can have amazingly positive effects on your health. Without being noticed. That being said, here is our next top 10 list of the healthiest habits you can take to drastically improve your overall health!

Note 1: by health we don’t only mean physical health, but mental status as well. So basically your overall well-being.

Note 2: yeah, we didn’t include in this list items like ‘Drink less alcohol’ or ‘Quit smoking’. The reason is: everybody knows that you can get healthier by stopping these habits. We focused more on those habits, which are less-known as great health-contributors.

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Top 10 small habits, which drastically improve your health

#10 Having a good posture while sitting

Your back will be very greatful, and will ache less. Not to mention that it boosts your confidence, making you more powerful and energetic.

sitting posture

#9 Playing

Spend some time with games and activities which are purely FUN – with the sole purpose of entertaining yourself. Don’t even bother with any of your tasks for that short time. If it’s a brainteaser, it’s even better – you’re having fun and improve your brain. Notable examples: crosswords, sudoku, chess, minesweeper etc.

For this check out Battlejungle’s Idea Park by clicking on the link above!

play games

#8 Taking the stairs instead of the elevator

We’ve already mentioned the health benefits in our previous top 10 article of taking the stairs. One stair usually accounts for 0.5 burned calories. Many a little makes a mickle! 🙂

climbing stairs

#7 Walking as frequently as you can

Actually this is the best part of using public transportation (aside from reading a book in the meantime – just my 2 cents). You force yourself walking a lot from point A to point B. Even taking a short walk during a day can have a massive impact on your health in the long run.


#6 Hiking in nature

Ahh, just breathe in! This is walking 2.0, doing it on an uneven terrain. Getting rid of stress, burning some calories and enjoying calmness. And your health will love you for it!

hiking in nature

#5 Deleting social media apps from your smartphone

Quite drastic, but undoubtedly beneficial for your mental health. Less stress, less time-wasters and increased productivity. Of course, if it’s needed leave your chat-related apps on your phone, but delete the rest.

social media apps

#4 Zero procrastination

In my opinion it’s the No.1 stress factor you should really get rid of ASAP. Procrastination is like coming up with excuses for yourself not doing something, which in reality are serious bullsh*t.

And yes, I say it as a notorious procrastinator.

Get rid of it, and your stress level will significantly decrease. Paralelly, it’ll boost your working morale.


#3 Sleeping enough (and well)

The second item, in which I’m like a “champion”. I can never go to sleep in time. Just simply never (*pat on the back*). Sleep at least 8 hours and you’ll notice awesome improvements in being energetic, creative and productivity! As for the quality of sleep, you can improve it with some simple tricks, like:

  • not looking at a screen before sleep
  • reading before sleep
  • not eating a heavy meal before sleep


sleeping enough

#2 Having a lot of (safe) sex

No explanation needed. There are hundreds of studies of the health benefits of sex. It helps on both mental and physical fields. Just a few notable benefits: less stress, better immune system, a lot of burnt calories etc.

having sex

Honorable mentions

Here are some items before the number 1, which are notable, but couldn’t make it to our top 10 picks:

  • eating dark chocolate (in a moderate quantity)
  • hugging others (not complete strangers, though)
  • skipping sugar from your coffee


#1 Drinking enough water

Many people just ignore the need for drinking enough (or even excessive) water during an average day. It’s the no 1. most important material for your body, so it’s crucial, I repeat crucial to drink enough day-by-day. According to a Mayo Clinic article, men should drink at least net 3.7 litres, women should drink at least net 2.7 litres a day. Of course, it varies from season to season and other factors.

And by the way: SKIP SODA!

top 10 winner drinking water

Do you agree with our top 10 list? What other habits can improve health significantly? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂


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