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With the calendar turning to March soon it’s time to get outdoors and exchange your treadmill to outside activities. There are many fun activities that move your whole body without you even noticing. They might not burn zillions (yes, zillions) of calories, but will definitely boost your mental and physical health.

Since it is still February, you can start by collecting ideas for the spring weekends. Until then, here are our top 10 tips for what to do in the fresh air!


Top 10 excellent outside activities for spring

#10 Visit a botanical garden

With the warmer days coming, botanical gardens’ outer area gets more interesting, not only their glasshouses. Some gardens have a special offer for the blooming in March. Check the ones near you and go for it. 100% guarantee it will calm you down!


#9 Go for a walk in the sunrise

An early morning walk can make wonders: it does not only improve your mood, but it also comes with many health-related benefits. For example: enhancing brain functions and boosting your immune system. Sunrise + birds chirping + nature waking up = your grateful mental health.


#8 Visit an animal shelter

Regardless you’re a cat, or a dog person, visiting an animal shelter is an excellent outside activity and can make wonders to your mental status. Feed some animals, take a dog for a walk, or just simply pet some animals – it’ll certainly get you in a better mood. These shelters are normally free-to-enter at the weekdays.

animal shelter outside activities

#7 Ride a bike with friends

And opt for riding in a forest instead of city centre. Quiet, soothing and the presence of nature itself. Deep breath –> breathe out –> relieved face.


#6 Plant something green

The perfect flowers to plant in March are pansies, forget-me-nots and primroses. In late it is time to add some spring, gladiolas, begonias, dahlias, daylilies, and daisies. Vegetables are better in late May, try tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, beans and cucumbers.

…or just simply plant a tree, at least we’ll have more oxygen.


#5 Go to a sight-seeing…and get lost deliberately!

You probably find a touristic offer for themed sight-seeing tours in your hometown or a near city, that can show you some unknown parts and stories of a city. Or just wander around and explore the city by yourself. When I’m on sightseeing, I like getting lost deliberately, even in my own city. I tend to find quite a few “hidden gems” (yes, even in my own home city).


#4 Go hiking

There’s a good chance that there are numerous gorgeous hiking spots near you. Pack a picnic and take your friends/family on a walk in nature. You can also organize a hiking afternoon with your colleagues and use it as a time to talk about other topics than work.

hiking outside activities

#3 Make and fly a paper kite

What kid wouldn’t want to fly a kite on a nice windy day? And what adult wouldn’t want to be a kid again for a couple of hours? 😉 You can even have a competition to see who can go the highest.


#2 Set up a scavenger hunt outdoors

This may take a little more effort, but it is worth your time. Give it a shot with your colleagues as a team building event! Here are some ideas to get the most out of this program: Scavenger Adventure – Battlejungle Idea Park.


#1 Help a local community

Many communities look for volunteers to help them plant trees, paint benches, renovate playgrounds, etc. This is a perfect chance to do something meaningful for others, while bonding with people and doing outside activities.  This is a perfect team building event, too. Volunteering is part of many company’s CSR activities, so why not give it a go like this? 🙂


Do you agree with our list? Share your thought in the comments below!

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