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Happy New Year! We assume you had a great time eating tons of delicious meals (including us) during the holidays. But here’s the time to get rid of the countless of calories we accumulated. For this we looked up some activities which can help you in this purpose. These are some quite average activities, which are simple, yet burn amazingly lot of calories. So here’s our top 10 activity-list, which are surprisingly high calorie burners! Plus, we add the items’ “fun factor”, which means how entertaining that activity is on a scale of 10.

In this list we focused on both indoor and outdoor activities, with a bigger emphasis on indoor ones (hence winter is here). The calories burnt are estimates, based on a 155-pound (70-kg) person. The exact numbers vary across gender, age, body factors, intensity etc.


Top 10 high calorie burner activities:

#10 Yoga (296 cal/h) – fun factor: 7/10

Yoga is a suprisingly challenging physical activity, regardless the exact type you’re doing. Plus, it calms you down – killing two birds with one stone. The more challenging yoga types can burn even more calories (like power yoga).

hatha yoga

#9 Hiking (546 cal/h) – fun factor: 9/10

Even during winter times it’s simply an awesome activity to go on a tour to nature with your friends. And it gets you in shape in the meantime. Especially if you’re open for a challenging path, the above mentioned number can triple!


#8 Indoor cycling (570 cal/h) – fun factor: 6/10

Not as fun as hitting the street/nature, but still a very good option to get rid of some fat. Plus, you don’t have to bother with the weather, as well.


#7 Stair climbing (580 cal/h) – fun factor: 4/10

This is typically the ‘many a little makes a mickle’ activity! 🙂 In other numbers, a 3-minute stair climbing amounts to 29 calories. In other other words, one stair usually accounts for burning 0.5 calories. Seems like nothing, but if you hit the stairs instead of the elevator an a daily basis, it wll make a huge change after a month. Give a little thrust on the speed and you’ll burn even more!

FYI: taking the stairs downstairs burns calories, too!

stair climbing

#6 Burpees (596 cal/h) – fun factor: 5/10

Duh, one of the most infamous activities you can meet during a TRX or cross-fit workout. Still, its effectiveness is undoubted. Doing it for a serious amount of time will burn a lot of fat in the long run. The ‘many a little makes a mickle’ principle applies here, as well.


#5 Squash (637 cal/h) – fun factor: 10/10

Absolutely the top fun on the list! It’s a really intense and entertaining activity, where you have to run and use your arm muscles a lot. It’s definitely worth trying at least once!


#4 Indoor rowing (681 cal/h) – fun factor: 7/10

Similarly to swimming you’re doing an activity in a “space of resistance”. In this case the resistance is not a river/lake, but a little machine, working against you. A great sweater activity, especially for your back.

rowing machine

#3 Swimming (710 cal/h) – fun factor: 8/10

There’s no doubt swimming burns a hell lot of calories – doing physical activities in a space of resistance. Depending on the intensity, speed and type of swimming you can burn more, but even at a moderate speed it brings fancy results.


#2 Indoor jogging (744 cal/h) – fun factor: 5/10

Running and jogging already have a serious reputation as top-level calorie-burners. While we highly prefer doing it outside, doing it inside on a treadmill is a very healthy activity, too. But if you feel tough enough, hit the outside, regardless it’s cold or raining!

indoor jogging

#1 Jumping rope (1074 cal/h) – fun factor: 8/10

Used mostly between other activities, using jumping rope itself burns an amazing amount of fat during the process. There are many additional pros for this activity: you can do it practically anywhere, plus adjust speed and jumping type anytime.

top 10 winner jumping rope

Food and drink comparison

For comparison, here are the calories some quite popular food and beverages contain:

  • 1 slice of cheese pizza (103 g): 272 cal
  • a 0.5l-bottle of Cola: 210 cal
  • 1 hot-dog (frankfurter and bum): 289 cal/100 g
  • 1 bar of alpine milk chocolate bar (100 g): 528 cal


Of course, apart from the numbers the main thing is for you to have FUN, while doing an exercise! We hope you’ll manage to find some suitable activities on this top 10 list, which’ll get you in shape rapidly!

Do you agree with our top 10 list? What other activities would you recommend as a high calorie-burner? Let us know in the comments! 🙂


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