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With November coming and weather getting colder our mood is changing, too. This might affect your productivity at work, and not necessarily in the most beneficial ways. With this in mind you might want to consider organizing a paper plane contest, that requires only a little bit of effort, but is a lot of fun and can boost your motivation.

The third episode in the series of our teambuilding tips articles – Team Building Recipes – is having a paper plane contest. The article gives you recommendations regarding this game and lists the skills it can improve. Besides, you can get familiar with some KPIs, based on which you can monitor the success of this team building exercise in your organization.


Type of activity: in the office

Team/individual: individual

Required time to play: 20-50 mins.

Requires investment? No

Best for: having fun with no extra preparing

Popularity: medium



  • paper (reused)
  • a bigger room (approx. 20 m long)



Do you still remember how you made a paper plane as a child? Why not do that again, and even make a contest out of it? Grab a package of reused paper, make airplanes and throw them.



Contestants have to make the paper planes on the day of the contest with one piece of provided paper per plane. Each participant gets 2 throws. They use the same one plane for both throws or two different planes.


Types and variations

There are two types of this game depending on measuring distance or time.

When measuring the distance, each throw must land within the marked competition area, where participants must not overstep the marked throwing line. Otherwise the throw will not be counted. Distance is measured in a straight line from the throwing mark to where the plane first hits the ground.

When measuring time, you need to count the seconds from the moment the plane leaves the hand to when it hits the ground.


Skills improved

It’s advised to know what skills of your teammates need improvement to find a proper team building exercise. Besides, it is always good to know in advance what skills are affected by certain team building activities.

This event might affect these skills positively:

  • punctuation
  • willpower
  • focus



In this section we show which KPIs we recommend you to use. With these KPIs you’ll be able to measure the success of your specific team building exercises. The KPIs have a 10-scale system – the best is to ask your employees to evaluate the company based on these metrics before and after a team building. Thus, you can collect and convert qualitative data into quantitative.


Let’s see which KPIs can yoga improve the most – and how much (in our opinion); the bolded ones are the most relevant KPIs:

  • connection: 7/10
  • engagement: 4/10
  • culture: 5/10
  • health and wellness: 2/10
  • happiness/satisfaction: 7/10
  • ambassadorship: 5/10


Bon appetite!

Paper plane contest is a great way of spending time with your colleagues while being creative and improve your punctuation and willpower. Don’t give up on constructing a plane, it will definitely fly if you believe in it. Compete with your colleagues and find out who is the greatest imaginary pilot in the office.


Would you try this game to have a little break during the workday? Do you find it fun? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below.


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