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The fourth episode in the series of our teambuilding tips articles – Team Building Recipes – is airsoft. The article gives you recommendations regarding this game and lists the skills it can improve. Besides, you can get familiar with some KPIs, based on which you can monitor the success of this team building exercise in your organization.


Type of activity: outdoor facility

Team/individual: individual

Required time to play: 60 mins.

Requires investment? Yes

Best for: teamwork and coming up with strategies

Popularity: high



  • renting airsoft equipment (clothes, helmet, gun, etc.)
  • renting an airsoft field



Airsoft is a team game with airsoft guns and a special airsoft battlefield. Since there is no mark left on your clothes after being shot by another player, airsoft is also a game of trust in players to call their hits.



There are some basic rules that apply when playing any type of airsoft. These are rules for safety and some technical rules to make the game flow easier.


Safety comes first

Eye protection: Always wear eye protection (goggles, masks, shooting glasses, safety glasses). Never remove your eye protection while on the battlefield.

No headshots: Always aim for the body or legs of players an avoid headshots – headshots are dangerous and can cause injuries.

No assault: Avoid being threatening or abusive to others, physical assault must be avoided, too. Players not acting accordingly are banned from site without warning at most airsoft fields.

Blind man: In case of any real word injury, shout “Blind man”. In this case all players need to put their weapons on safe and remain in place until the game moderator tells them otherwise.

BANG rule: If you can manage to get 3 meters close to the enemy do not spray them. Instead shout “BANG”. The aim is to prevent injury and the discomfort of close hits. Repeatedly shouting “bang” at a group of people when you’re holding a bolt action rifle is an abuse of the rule.

Dead man walking: If moving through a battle, wait and make yourself known with the call of ‘Dead Man Walking’ or ‘Dead Man Coming Out’.

Safe zone: The “Safe Zone” is the area on the playing field where noone can fire at any time.  You must make your weapon safe before entering the safe zone and keep them safe until leaving the zone. Even dry-firing is against the rules.


Technical rules

Hit: The definition of being “Hit” is when the airsoft BB hits any part of the players clothing, body or weapon. When someone hits you shout “HIT” (nice and loud), raise one hand in the air and hold your weapon with its barrel skywards. This way it is obvious that you are non-combatant. The BB’s do not splatter when they hit (unlike in paintball), and there is no mark showing that the BB hit. This means the game relies on the honors system for everybody to call their hits.

Medic Rule: a player that sustains a hit will fall or sit in place and yell “hit”. Then the player will put a red rag on his head. In order for the player to get first aid and resume fighting, another player must go there, take the red rag off his head and tie one square knot onto the rag. Wounded players cannot medic each other. Players can only receive first aid once. After that the player will return back to the safe area.

Game Moderator: The “Game Moderator” is the final approval for all field decisions, the calling of games, resolutions on all conflicts, and responsible for all safety related items and events. If a conflict stays unsolved between groups, the game moderator makes the final decision. If someone is not taking valid hits, tell the game moderator about it instead of shouting and swearing at the person.

Ground level: Airsoft is played on the ground level, which means digging holes or climbing trees is not possible.


airsoft players


Types and variations

Airsoft has its basic rules, but the story and strategy varies and can make huge differeces between game types. There are some widely known types to this game, but you an also make up your own version. Here are some ideas:


Free for all

Every man plays for himself, and the last one standing wins.


In this type of airsoft there is one player who is the “president”. He gets half the players to be his protecting bodyguards, while the rest of the players are assassins trying to shoot the president. At the beginning of the game the president’s team get 5 minutes to hide before the assassins go get them. If someone shoots the president the game is over and the assassins win. The president’s team wins if the president successfully gets to a designated location without an injury. This team also wins if they eliminate all the assassins.

CTF (capture the flag)

In airsoft CTF each team has a flag that the other team has to capture and bring back to their flag. The first team to reach the score limit wins the game.

TDM (team death match)

The rules for this airsoft game type are quite self-explanatory. Two teams fight each other until all the players on one team are eliminated.


In this type of airsoft the alien’s goal is to turn all the humans into aliens. If an alien shoots a human once he becomes an alien, too. The only way to kill an alien is with a shot to a designated body part (such as arm, leg, etc.),other body parts do not count. The humans, however, die from one shot  anywhere.


airsoft strategy


Skills improved

It’s beneficial to know what skills of your teammates need improvement to find a proper team building exercise. Besides, it is always good to know in advance what skills a certain team building activity affects.

This game can affect these skills positively:

  • reflexes
  • teamwork
  • strategic thinking



Let’s see which KPIs an airsoft challenge improves the most – and how much (in our opinion); the bolded ones are the most relevant KPIs:

  • connection: 7/10
  • engagement: 6/10
  • culture: 5/10
  • health and wellness: 6/10
  • happiness/satisfaction: 7/10
  • ambassadorship: 4/10


Bon appetite!

Form two groups, put on your safety glasses, grab your guns and play a killer strategy to beat your opponents.


Do you find this game a good one when it comes to team building? Do you/would you play this with your colleagues? Share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section.

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