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Building up something creative from random, seemingly unrelated items is always a good and fun challenge. In our case some marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti will suffice for this purpose. Today we deliver you a quite extraordinary game: marshmallow spaghetti tower construction!


Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower construction-challenge

Marhsmallow challenges are quite popular in the US. There are quite a few simple, yet creative games you can do with this food. Chubby bunny for instance, where the task is to stuff more marshmallows into your mouth than your opponent. And saying out loud ‘chubby bunny’ at each marshmallows you put in your mouth. But the even better game in marshmallow challenges is marshmellow spaghetti tower construction.


Type of activity: indoor

Team/individual: team

Required time to play: 18 min.

Requires sports equipment investment? Nope

Best for: creativity boost, teamwork

Popularity: medium



  • 20 sticks of uncooked spaghetti – spaghettini is too thin, fettucini is too thick!
  • 1 roll of masking tape
  • 1 yard of string
  • one bag of marshmallow for each team



The goal is to build the tallest marshmallow spaghetti tower using only these supplies within the limited timeframe. But there’s a catch: the marshmallow has to be at the very top of the spaghetti tower, plus the whole structure has to stand on its own – that means no hands or other objects can support it!

If you wish, after some rounds you can make the challenge more difficult by adding marshmallow spaghetti tower’s design, as a decisive factor. Then, the absolute winner is the tallest and fanciest marshmallow spaghetti tower.



  • The biggest tower wins
  • The teams can use the items any way they wish – they’re free to break the spaghetti, cut the tape etc.
  • The tower has to stand on its own
  • The teams have 18 minutes to build up their towers

And think outside the box! 😉


Skills improved

  • creativity – as said before: building up something from seemingly unrelated items boosts your creativity
  • problem solving – how can you make a building stand on its own? How would that structure look like?
  • team collaboration – in order to make the tallest (or fanciest) tower, you have to cooperate, especially within a timeframe

At the end this is how it should look like:

Marshmallow spaghetti tower

For a short appetizer, check out this TED video about marhsmallow spaghetti tower construction!


Bon appetite!

There you go, the marshmallow spaghetti tower challenge! Check our blog regularly, as we are going to share new team building games every week! If you need any ideas, just browse among them and gain inspiration!

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Have you ever tried marhsmallow spaghetti tower building? What are your experiences? Let us know in the comments!

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