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Do you wish all your employees were engaged and saw the company goals as their own? As an employer being responsible for the success of your company you need to know what motivates your colleagues. By using the model of 9 employee engagement archetypes you can make them engaged while creating a beneficial, positive working attitude.

Clarification of ’employee engagement’


It requires more than happy employees satisfied with their job to talk about employee engagement.

It can happen easily that a happy employee is only half as productive as an unhappy co-worker, despite their positive mindset. Moreover, employee satisfaction still does not automatically lead to a higher level of commitment or a more effective working process. An engaged member of the company experiences the success of their workplace as their own. This pheomenon goes hand in hand with the inner motivation to work.


9 employee engagement archetypes


As an employer you need to know what motivates your colleagues. This way you can make them more engaged according to their individual needs.

That is where you need to get familiar with the 9 employee engagement archetypes, that are categories expressing a mixture of the levels of satisfaction and performance of the workers. To know how to motivate the individuals that work for you, you need to ask them how they perceive their jobs and how they behave at work, and then map their answers. The perception types are negative, indifferent and positive, while the behaviors can be destructive, neutral and constructive. At the crossing points of these levels you can find the 9 employee engagement archetypes. Each type has different characteristics depending on which the workers can be and need to be motivated.employee engagement archetypes

Benefits of boosting employee engagement


Employee engagement is closely related to the leadership culture of the company. It is worth the time and effort to get to know your team and how to motivate your people. They are the key factor of a successful business.

This approach helps you to understand engagement. Besides, it provides detailed insights into what makes people stay at a company and do their best work. In addition, it makes organizations able to understand how employees perceive them and how that affects their behaviour. Furthermore, they get to know how those factors drive performance. If organizations don’t look at the details, they might misunderstand their employees and lose the chance to gain benefits of high engagement. That would be a shame, since having engaged employees is the first step to other benefits in the long run:

engaged employees → higher service, quality, and productivity → higher customer satisfaction → increased sales → higher levels of profit → higher shareholder returns



To sum up…

The key ingredient you are looking for when striving to be a successful company by higher productivity and quality work is employee engagement. An important aspect of that is being familiar with the 9 employee engagement archetypes and knowing in which categories your workers belong to one by one. This way you can motivate them according to their personal needs.


How do you motivate your colleagues? Leave your thoughts regarding the topic in the comment section!


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