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Nowadays we heard a dozens of times from our clients that organisers are having troubles in keeping players active during a challenge in Battlejungle. If this happens, a vicious circle kicks in: the more players abandon the game, the less motivated the remaining players become to keep playing. So, we decided to addressed this problem. This article is for organisers: here’s how to keep players active!


The potential root causes of the problem

The problem statement: many players abandon the championship before it finishes.

Before we can give away the tips we have to be aware of the root causes of the problem. Basically, if we ask the first question: why they abandon the championship, the answer can be twofold.


They’re either not enjoying the game, which means they’re either bored or frustrated.


These can be traced back to the following 5 reasons.


#1 The game rules are way too complicated

Yupp, the rules account for 5 pages of complicated stuff, exceptions etc. Pretty darn demotivating from the start, huh? Consequently, players who are not familiar with the game will most likely suck. Which leads us to the next item…


#2 They suck at the game on a high level

There’s simply no chemistry between the game and the player, nor understands the overly complicated rules, thus the player sucks at it. And after a while s/he quits.


#3 The game is not fun for them

They play, but it’s either too difficult or too easy. If it’s combined with long playing time it’s doomed to fail.


#4 Overly competitive players

This is only a game, you should just have fun! However, there are often some players who take it waaaay too seriously, thus becoming a toxic element during the game. Consequently, players who don’t have time for this sh*t will just quit.


#5 The game is too long

This is one of the most common problems. Even though the game is fun, teammates are fun, you are having fun, but new matches are coming and coming and coming…without seeing the end of playing time.

Here at Battlejungle we play a lot of FIFA, but the average number of players is 4-6. For me, personally, it’s quite ideal. But honestly, I would become more and more demotivated during the game if I had to play with 10-15 players in a round robin system.


So, how can you keep players active?

Let’s go over the previous items with the possible solution for each! 🙂


#1 The game rules are way too complicated

Have one or more demo rounds then start playing the real game! This way players will get in the habit of it and get more comfortable playing the game. But if it’s still unpopular, give up and choose a less complicated game!


#2 They suck at the game on a high level

Well…unfortunately you can’t really do anything about it. At least you know this game is just not for them.


#3 The game is not fun for them

You know your colleagues’ skills to some extent. Pick a suitable game which is not too easy, nor too difficult.


#4 Overly competitive players

Hm, it’s even worth a standalone article itself later… But until then: talk with this kind of players, explain them they shouldn’t take it too seriously and they discourage other players with their behaviour.


#5 The game is too long

If the game itself is relatively long, maximize the number of participants – you can even decrease the average number of players. Second option: pick a game, which is liked by the majority of the players and just perfectly long.:-)


Other tips in general

If an activity is just overall low, here are some tips to boost it in general:

  • find the most motivated player and ask him/her to cheer up the others to make them remain playing
  • post something funny on the challenge dashboard in Battlejungle
  • create a funny poster about the challenge
  • send a memo in Yammer/Slack who’ll play soon
  • if someone is acing a challenge, send a memo in Yammer/Slack that someone should beat him/her in the game…

We hope these tips will help you making your players active and engaged during your game!

If you have any comments, other cool tips to tackle this problem let us know in the comments! 🙂

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