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Yes, it is that time of the year again: Christmas is right around the corner. Jingle bell rock is playing, finest chocolates are winking at you from the stores and seasonal products keep popping up everywhere. No doubt, it has a cozy, nice feeling to it and many people are excited about this holiday. Although, the struggle can be real when trying to find a present as a Secret Santa. Especially if it is for a colleague you barely know. Don’t worry, we are here to help you finding great presents for your office secret santa party.


Office themed gifts

Giving a present that can be used in the office is a great idea, since it shows that you actually want the person to make a good use out of the present. Besides, not everyone has a second home built up in the office, so you can be part of creating a cozy working environment for someone. Even if the person you give the present to has many things on their desk, you can still spot what they are missing. The point in this category is to give something nice and useful, such as a pretty notebook, a special pen, a cute mug, or a playlist of songs with a headphone to listen to while working.

office gifts

Christmas decoration presents

During Christmas a lot of people is glad to decorate their home and office area to get the spirit and whole atmosphere of Christmas wherever they go. The person you need a present for doesn’t have a little Christmas tree by their office desk? Give it to them and make their everyday happier. Giving Christmas themed decorating items is a cute thing, especially if they are completely or half DIY. You can easily make a Christmas ornament, some potpourri or a candle jar. You can even give your own painting. Although do not forget to think twice about if the receiving person is the decorating kind.

decor gifts

Relaxation gifts

It is always nice to drink a cup of hot tea, read a book or light up a scented candle after a long day at work. Giving such presents also means giving the opportunity to someone to relax and spend some time slowing down, thinking, relaxing – that’s what a real Secret Santa does. The gift can also be a massage coupon to a great wellness salon or tickets to a concert, there are even stress  coloring books. Opportunities are endless, the point is to give something that matches your colleague’s personality or go for someting that anyone would like, such as a coupon to exchange at a book store where there are books, CDs, DVDs, etc…

relax gifts

Food & beverages

The good old chocolate is still a golden idea. However, before giving food or drinks to someone as a present you should get to know if they can and will eat or drink the thing you want to get them. Bonbons, macaroons, dried fruits, jam, honey, wine, whiskey, etc. – the list is endless. You can make this present special by home made elements – being a real Secret Santa – such as gingerbread cookies.

food gift

Whatever you give…

… do not forget that the point is not the present itself. Show that you really care about this: try to get to know as many as possible about the person, write a nice card, say some nice words, smile – these are the real gifts that can never be chosen badly.

Secret Santa parties are also great for bonding with your colleagues. Try to think about how great it is to finally get to know your colleagues better and invest some energy into doing it by heart. It will pay off, you’ll see.

Every Christmas party is better when there are some easy games to play, especially when colleagues do not know each other that well. Here you can find some tips to shake up your party:


Do you have a Christmas party at your workplace? What gifts do you give each other if you do Secret Santa? Leave your thoughts about the topic in the comment section.

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