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You want your business to be successful, right? Well, it needs to master the art of employee retention then. There’s no doubt this is a challenging mission, but no need to worry, you can find many tricks to help you pursue the dreams and results that you’ve always wanted. You can start with team building at BattleJungle and there are other ways as well.


1) Great perks

Great jobs will always have a nice set of perks. It might seem challenging at first but it’s vital to show your employees that they are valued at your company. That’s one of the things that can make you stand out as an employer. Granted, it will be challenging sometimes, but if you are committed the outcome is definitely worth the effort, and it will also be seen on your company’s employee retention.

2) Improvement

Make it possible for your employees to learn something new and improve their skills. This is a great step towards showing that you really believe in them, which can work as a great motivating factor. Also it can be a nice gift if you help them learn something they are interested in or make it easier to them to improve a skill they’ve always wanted to work on. Supporting your team members’ improvement is also a golden tool for better employee retention in the long run.

3) Understanding

Understanding your employees and fulfilling their needs is the right thing to focus on. It might be no picnic at first but building a strong connection is a key foundation to motivated employees. You can organize small chatty meetings that focus on your employees. Have a conversation about what is going on with them, what gets their interest lately and whatever they feel like want to tell you about. With this you can create a more motivating, great-to-work-in environment. Employees who feel listened to and understood tend to see the success of the company as their own and work hard for it. 

4) Retention bonus

A good retention rate means that you care for employees, and this is why it’s crucial to make a difference between the hard workers and the oh-no-I-have-to-work-again type. It is important to honour the work of those only who really deserve it, otherwise it’s not providing any added value. Giving a retention bonus is easy to do while the outcome can be very impressive.

employee retention bonus

In a nutshell…

Who doesn’t want engaged employees? You can get that by focusing on some key strategy components, such as: 1) providing great perks 2) ensuring learning opportunities 3) showing understanding by listening 4) giving retention bonus. Remember that you need to stay committed and expect results rather on the long run. Also don’t forget: TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK.


How important team building is at your company? Share you thoughts and tips down in the comment section!

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