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September has already come to an end, but the real cozy season spiced with apple pie smell, tea steam and colorful leaves has just started. Want to write a bucket list for fall this year? Here comes a plenty of ideas…

Cozy season

This season is the one that leads you from crying over summer trips to craving Christmas cookies, right? This might be the case, however you should not forget that fall time also has a lot to offer. Either nature changing its colors or weather becoming chilly has its own sparks. Not even speaking of the many things you yourself can do for making this season an enjoyable one.

Are you not in the mood for fall yet? Here comes a bucket list for a cozy season to open your eyes for all the little wonders of these couple of weeks. Besides, you can consider this a challenge to make the whole thing even more fun.

Which of these do you feel like you must do? Would you add anything to the bucket list for fall? Share your opinion and ideas in the comment section!


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