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Do you have breakfast every day? Wanna know why it is imortant to do so? Although it is tempting to hit the snooze button instead of waking up, the importance of making time for a good, nutritious meal is undeniable. Keep reading and find out, while also getting some ideas for a perfect breakfast.

Having breakfast regularly comes with many benefits

This habit affects your everyday life positively in different ways, such as:

  • Eating in the morning helps stabilize blood sugar
  • Breakfast ensures you don’t overeat later in the day
  • A breakfast high in fiber, protein and healthy fats energizes you for the day

Was it not convincing enough? Keep reading…

Eating something after waking up helps you stabilize your blood sugar levels, which helps keep hunger at bay. If the first meal of the day is more than 3 hours after you wake up, your blood sugar will possibly be too low. This will translate to you feeling especially hungry and grabbing something full of sugar as the first meal of the day. However, eating something high in fiber, healthy fats (like avocado or nuts), and protein helps you avoid this. Nutrients are essential in stabilizing blood sugar levels and it also makes you feel full.

According to scientists, eating breakfast every day may help you lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Eating more calories earlier in the day and consuming less at night may reduce the possibility of a heart attack, stroke or other cardiac or blood vessel diseases, too.

corporate breakfast

Breakfast ideas

Variety is important when it comes to breakfast, too. There are plenty of nutritious, vitamin containing options you can choose from, whatever craving you have. Here are a couple of ideas to choose from:

  • Granola can be made many ways with different types of dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Cooled, tipped into a jam jar, or with a pot of yoghurt and some berries you can make it colorful and nice.
  • Cannellini beans with eggs are a good source of protein, fibre, vitamin C and magnesium. Fried with fennel seeds, macerated cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, this is a perfect breakfast. With balsamic vinegar or fiery chilli sauce it makes a delicious combination.
  • Black rice pudding is great is made of hazelnut milk that is full of vitamin B12, and black rice that contains antioxidants. You can keep it in the fridge that makes this a fancy grab-and-go breakfast.
  • Berry pocket eggy bread is a simple breakfast you can make in 15 minutes. Spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and crunchy pistachios this is  tasty option for aiding good digestion.
  • Poached eggs provide plenty of good protein. It’s simple and quick to make, which is perfect in the morning. With wholemeal toast, sea salt and black pepper it can set you up for an awesome day.
  • Porridge – just like granola – is a classic breakfast. Toppings like chopped fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, cinnamon provide endless delicious and nutritious variations to this food.

A healthy breakfast and a yoga exercise can be a perfect morning combination. Why not to go to a yoga class with your colleagues and head to the office after togehter? Team Building Recipes #5: Yoga

What the world’s healthiest countries eat

For further inspiration, let’s see what the world’s healthiest countries have for breakfast to start the day with a healthy meal. Most of these ideas are easy to implement into your habits.


Italy was the healthiest country in the world in 2017 with carb-heavy delights that is also part of the Mediterranean Diet, the healthiest diet in the world. The traditional Italian breakfast is centered around pastries and a cappuccino or espresso. Details vary according to cities. In Naples cappuccino or espresso and sfogliatella (a shell shaped sweet pastry, usually filled) is popular, in Rome they traditionally have cappuccino and caffe with ciambella (their version of a doughnut), while in Genova they eat salty focaccia with their espresso.


Skyr – similar to Greek yoghurt – is the staple of the Icelandic diet. It’s usually eaten with granola, nuts, stone fruits, a steaming pot of oats. Warm toast with Icelandic butter, heavy cream and berry preserve is ofthen eaten with it. It can be stuffed between layers of Pönnukökur, a thin pancake.


Birchermüesli, a granola-like dish is a popular breakfast food in Switzerland. It’s made with oat flakes, lemon juice, condensed milk, grated apples and hazelnuts or almonds. A typical Swiss breakfast can also be pastries, bread with butter or jam and tea or coffee.


Singaporean breakfast is very diverse, it usually consists of noodles, usually served in broth. Sometimes they eat wok fried noodles in the morning.


Australian breakfast is built around coffee, perfectly made espresso drinks. They eat more for breakfast than just pastries, with avocado toast, muesli soaked overnight in poached fruit liquid and egg dishes.

morning coffee


The traditional Spanish breakfast is very simple, involving coffee and a lot of bread. A popular dish is lightly toasted bread smothered with garlic, olive oil and grated tomatoes. Tea with semi-sweet churros or Porras, Spanish doughnuts, is also popular.


A traditional Japanese breakfast includes steamed white rice or rice porridge, miso soup, fermented soy beans, grilled fish, Japanese pickles and an egg.


Swedish people typically eat eggs for breakfast, while Filmjölk, a fermented milk product similar to yogurt but more sour, is also popular. With unsweetened muesli, blueberries or lingonberries and almonds or walnuts it’s even better. Open sandwiches like cheese and ham with cucumber on rye or sourdough are popular, too. Besides, oatmeal and coffee are also essential elements.


Instead of skipping breakfast and overeating later, you should get a bite or two within three hours of waking up. It doesn’t have to be a huge meal, an apple or yoghurt with fruit is perfectly fine.

The advice to eat several small meals during the day is unrealistic for most people. Small meals often turn into biggers and weight gain is a realistic risk. Instead, try to build up a habit of having 3 meals every day, which are breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Do you make time for grabbing a bite in the morning? Do you have breakfast with your colleagues in the office or at home? What habits do you have regarding breakfast? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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