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We all know how a rainy day can affect the atmosphere in the office. No need to drink ten cups of coffee, there is an other way out: icebreaker games can cheer you up in minutes. It is also a great way to integrate new people in your team or just get to know your co-worker sitting next to you a little better. Besides, you can refresh and energize your brain playing these games and then sit back to your desk being more productive. Let’s see a couple of examples…


Tips for quick and easy icebreaker games

#1 Two truths and a lie

Everybody tells two true things and one lie about themselves. The others need to guess which one is the false statement. 


#2 Lost on a desert island

Everybody shares what item they would want to have if they were lost on a desert island.


#3 The trust walk

Some people receive guidance from others as they are blindfolded. The goal is to go the fastest way from point A to point B. In addition, you can add obstacles to the route!


#4 The one word icebreaker

This game is based on the question “What is the one word that you would use to describe… ?”. It can be about a person, the company, going on holiday… whatever topic that you like. The point is to see what comes to the others’ minds about the topic.


#5 The five favorites

Everybody shares five favorites in any topic. After (or during) that, the participants can discuss why they chose that 5 particular items.


#6 Speed dating

You set up 2 lines sitting in front of each other. Then, people ask each other different questions about any topic. You play it in pairs, that’s where the name comes from.

speed dating icebreaker game

#7 The interview

Employees interview each other: there is one interviewee and more interviewers, asking questions regarding any topic.


#8 What’s my name?

Everybody writes a name of a well-known person on a card. Then attaches it to a headband or the back of a T-shirt of someone else, so that they cannot see it. Everyone needs to ask yes or no questions from the others (who can see the name). The goal is to find out who they are according to the papers. The first one with the right guess wins the game.


#9 Would you rather…

It is about what people would do in specific situations. Everyone needs to choose from two possible actions given by the others.



Sometimes you just need a little fun to get more work done with better results by the end of the day. These games are great to help you come up with something creative. Then the conversation and storytelling can begin. Remember, teambuilding is never a waste of time.

These are all fun games, but the ultimate way to connect with one another is available right on this website 😉


What kind of icebreaker games do you play when the day gets boring? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section! 🙂

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