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The strive for productivity is always a priority on our mind. It a shame it’s bombarded with countless of distractions. Fortunately, there are some simple lifehacks you can introduce to significantly increase productivity.


This post is not about the usual stuff you can find on the internet (like create a to-do list, have goals, take the most painful tasks before lunch etc.).


Most of these items are mainly from my experiences, as I had many difficulties in unproductivity during my bachelor years (and as a huge procrastinator). Of course, there are some “usual” items as well.


I hope you’ll like my unorthodox productivity-booster tips! 😉


#1 Make a to-do list…and cut it into half

Writing a to-do list daily is a must-have for productivity, but it can backfire if you overkill it. Write down your daily items, then strike out the majority. Leave only 3-5 items (5, tops).


#2 Get away from time wasters

Nuff’ said, it’s a classic one. Have you tried deleting your social media apps from your phone, yet?

increase productivity no social media

#3 Take breaks

At least 1-2 during every hour. Go get a glass of water, walk a little. This is a good time to check your social media (I know you can’t resist) with a limit of 10-15 minutes.


Having enough sleep is THE solid ground for being able to be productive during a day. Check out our article How To Sleep Better? The Perfect Rest to get a perfect sleep!


#4 Avoid multitasking

Now this item gets more and more credit nowadays. Until now it was the non-plus ultra of achieving so many great things during a day. Now it’s like a heretic of productivity. True: if you start doing 3 things parallelly you end up proceeding minimally with all of them. Instead, focus on just one (in urgent situations 2).


#5 Listen to instrumental music

I love listening to music, because it can make me focused in an instant. However, I noticed that music with singing constantly destroys my focus. Instead, I listen to instrumental music with no singing to get in a flow state asap. My favourite ones are: Game of Thrones, Westworld, Hans Zimmer – and main theme songs in general, on a loop.

BONUS: have playlists. Switching constantly from song to song abolishes your focus.


#6 Take a comfortable position for work



#7 Minimize the opened tabs in your browser

In other words: close all unnecessary tabs in your browser. For me it reflects chaos and 9 parallelly ongoing tasks, which decreases my working moral and thus my productivity. Try to leave only the crucial tabs needed for your work!


So these were my unusual tips for you to boost productivity at work, or even for studying. Or for anything productive!

What do you think about these tips? Would you try them? Let me know in the comments and/or on Facebook by commenting on the shared post! 🙂

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P.S.: yeah, I’m not a productivity expert, so here are some more detailed and scientific articles abot how to boost your productivity: – I especially liked this, awesome!

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