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Team building – one of the most crucial parts of making an organisation work like a well-oiled machine. In this article we will elaborate on four team building tips, which can come in handy for improving your team building practices.


That being said, here are our 4 tips to improve your team building and thus reach your goals more efficiently:


#1 Frequency, frequency, frequency

Team building twice a year – it’s a waste of time. After a team building its momentum can easily be lost, so it’s important to make them as frequent as possible. Classic team buildings take a full day (or even more). Therefore, it is impossible to fit them into a performance-oriented company. The good news is,

you don’t have to.

And here’s the first takeaway on our team building tips list: the essence of the continuous team building is the so-called micro team buildings, that can take part even in a coffee break. The only requirement for micro team buildings: effective ’n’ quick organising. For this purpose there are several softwares that can help – including Battlejungle.

try again

#2 New activities

Does it matter, what the participants do during a team building? It does. Basically, when we think about team building, mostly the classic, old-fashioned types tend to come to our mind: hiking, drinking together, board games, escape rooms etc.

They are not useless, but you can do better!

If we add new and creative game ideas a team building will be more enjoyable and effective. Especially the diversity: try out new and new team building ideas in order to a) better understand your employees’ preferences b) explore new ways of team bonding. For this you need either an unofficial creative coach, or a software to do this job. For instance, check our Idea Park for countless of new team building tips.


#3 Sport and fitness

The basic aim and effect of team building is obvious: better working teams. But we can benefit beyond this basic need. In case of team buildings, which require even a minimum amount of physical activity can highly boost the productivity of your team. Not to mention an another important aspect: individual well-being.

Example: a simple, 10-minute break of table tennis can significantly improve your concentration power (and general fitness).

exercises as team building tips

#4 Fun 🙂

Going to an unhappy workplace will not help your employees retain their job. Especially for Generation Y, but it starts to be a pain in the ass even for the Millenials. In order to mix some fun into office life, we have to change the general atmosphere in the office. Open communication, praises and cheering for even small achievements are vital to create a much less stressful atmosphere in the office. But for this it’s worth thinking in funny games and creative events instead.


Summarising our team building tips list

If you keep an eye on some easy parts of organising a team building, it can tremenduously contribute to the company’s performance. Keep track of the frequency of the team buildings – organise it smart and don’t lose its momentum. The better effect comes with more creative ideas: when you think about actual team building activities, leave the old fashioned ideas at home. What is more, it’s worth organising team buildings which requires minor physical activity – less stress, bigger focus. Finally: make ’em a pure fun!


What are your thoughts about our tips? Leave a comment and share your opinion!


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